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Jeanette Perez

Jeanette Perez

Managing Partner

Jeanette is the Founder and Partner of Forum Wealth Strategies, a financial services firm in Atlanta Georgia, whose mission is to teach individuals and couples the art of risk management in a fun and simple way.

After years of working in the corporate world of financial planning she realized she wanted to work with clients the same way she talks about money with her friends–in a fun, personal, compassionate, relatable and nonjudgmental effective way. Therefore, she created Forum Wealth Strategies, a place you have a Forum of Professionals that focus on your financial needs.

Jeanette guides her clients to help them reach their financial goals through a carefully coordinated process that translates their larger vision into a series of smaller, more manageable steps and builds measures for accountability, she specializes and works with business owners, families and professionals to help address their financial challenges.

Early in her career, Jeanette has already received the recognition of two consecutive Executive Councils in 2015 and 2016, As well as the prestigious MDRT “Million Dollar Round Table” Award in 2017, and wishes to continue making an impact within her community.